Stefano Veronesi was born in Torino, Italy. Fascinated by ancient history, psychology and literature, he attempts to chart a course between logic and emotion through his artistic expression.
After having completed his studies and gained experience in the Italian creative scene and abroad, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to painting and photography. He moulds his paintings with theatre, contemporary dance, music and poetry, creating artistic performances of enormous scenic impact.

His artistic language provides a link between mind and heart, trying to be as persuasive as emotion and as seductive as logic. He has collaborated with many performing artists and people of various artistic disciplines.

In 2008, this artist made his eastern debut in Shanghai, followed by successful exhibitions at the Promotrice delle Belle Arti in Turin, at the Internazionale d’Arte, exhibitions in Rome, Saint-Vincent, Paris and Nice.

In 2009, after a long period of pictorial/conceptual research and experimentation, he created Streamers: an innovative artistic language of enormous impact, where photography – a trace of reality frozen at a precise moment in time – and painting – which represents, in contrast, the flow of energy in and out of us – merge. He imagines and depicts states of mind, atmospheres and geometric shapes, creating new fusions between opposite and symbolic elements so as to reassert the strength of conscious creativity.

In 2010, during the Ostention of the Holy Shroud, he debuted with director Virginia Barret in the drama ‘Sulle Ali della Sindone’, opening the show with a painted light performance featuring music and choral singing, painting live on stage the drama’s scenes, thus creating a collection of 12 religious canvasses.

He painted 12 portraits of the greatest Italian magicians and conjurers for Italian TV for an exclusive exhibition during the Masters of Magic international event. He created a work of art for RAI, the Italian national broadcaster, which became the first Masters of Magic Award, the Oscar awarded at prime-time on RAI 2.

In 2011 and 2012, major exhibitions and cultural events (in Prague, Paris and Rome) saw him involved in an important historical literary project linked to Werner Von Der Schulenburg, at the Florence exhibition in the “Casa di Dante Alighieri “, and the prestigious exhibition of the “Dioscuri del Quirinale” in Rome.

With an international preview in Florence, Veronesi has presented his new collection of jewel works called “Miyabi Energy”, where colour, materials, precious stones and metals complement each other, creating a form of art that is unique and exclusive. The “precious” heart of the pieces is made up of jewels which become an integral part of the work and can be “extracted” to be worn, transferring all the precious energy of art. His artistic language evolves again creating “emotional sheet music”, abstract streams of colour dancing on gold and silver geometries, magical atmospheres where the music flows and brings colour into the absence of light, just as colour, through light, brings music into the silence: an alternation between sound waves and particles of light.

During his personal exhibition at FINECO bank, together with a collection of 40 pieces, he presents new pieces, created with stag and deer antlers (as a symbol of rebirth, not of death) processed with precious metals and natural powder colours.

He paints on silks and brocades made with 17th and 18th century Venetian gold thread; works which, like scrolls of time, envelop the observer’s space, creating unique and exclusive suggestions of historical and contemporary value.

 A unique format of art in motion with scenic performances between painting, light, music, colour and dance. The multidisciplinary nature that has always characterised Veronesi’s artistic DNA will be the guiding thread towards new frontiers of artistic and cultural experimentation.

In 2015, during the celebrations of 200 years, of the diplomatic agreement between Italy and Egypt, the government of Cairo commissioned to Veronesi the art piece that has symbolized the istitutional ceremony. Veronesi has created 20 paintings and 6 sculptures that have been exhibited at the museum of the Risorgimento of Palazzo Carignano in Turin. Part of the art collection is being created live with a pictorial performance during a live concert of symphonic music on the notes of Thamos King of Egypt by mozart.

In 2016 a new technique called by the artist combustion on canvas, gives life to the new artistic expression of Stefano Veronesi. Gold powder and natural pigments are dissolved by fire, directly on canvas, creating abstract and cosmological scenes.

In 2017 the new artworks were requested and appreciated by the Prince of Kingodm of Saudi Arabia. He commissioned an art piece of 80-meter for a Royal Ceremony. Currently, the artistic installation is permanent exhibited in the king tower of the ISD of jeddah.