With an international preview in Florence, Stefano VERONESI has presented his new collection called “Miyabi Energy”, where colour, materials, precious stones and metals complement each other, creating a form of art that is unique and exclusive.

The “precious” heart of the installations is made up of jewels, which become an integral part of the work and can be “extracted” to be worn, transferring all the precious energy of art. Stefano Veronesi’s creative energy pours from a fountain of water and light and uses Nature’s elements to shape matter and create exclusive works of art.

A sculpture-painting which, like an ikebana, makes its most precious and rare flower bud bloom: an item of jewellery that contains within itself the essence of their philosophy. Veronesi Art is a meeting between elegance, colour, shape and precious quality of Nature itself. A range of works of art conceived as a system of harmonisation between conscious perception and sensations.

Ranges of gold and silver which, like grid lines, trace a map of energy flows that spread out, connect, absorb and amplify the vibrations of Nature.

Every piece is an art installation where colour, matter and precious stones combine to give life to a unique and exclusive artistic form.


Every stone

has its history

and has witnessed

the flow of energy

and time.


When we wear

a gemstone,
we don’t just own it;
we hear its voice,
we experience

the tale it tells.